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Sibyll Trelawney

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7th October 2004

9:21pm: Premonition
Dangerous times are afoot, Dear Ones. As I was gazing deep into the crystal ball tonight, I fell into what can only be called a higher plane of thought. There it was revealed to me that Halloween bears with it ill tidings. I cannot reveal my vision to you all as it is far too horrible, but I must warn that all those of a shifting nature must avoid men that creep like shadows if they wish to possess an intact heart in the morning.

Also, it is best if all redheads pay special attention near their brooms. Saturn's position makes flying especially risky for them in the next two weeks.
Current Mood: sympathetic

6th February 2004

6:32pm: From the diary of my great-great-grandmother...
Cassandra Trelawney, famed Seer. . . I remember the passage, near to those loving holidays (particularly the near approaching St. Valentine's Day), as it embodies the pains in many souls near to me, and I felt it might do honor to her memory to share. . .

I wandered through the gloomy, darkened streets after the close of another tender holiday, and attempted to reorder my mind, despite the flux of feeling assaulting me from the closed shops and dimly lit homes beyond the cobblestone paths. I began to open my mind's eye, where it had clenched shut against the power of it all, and the sheer clamour and vibrance overwhelmed me. A cacophany of instinct, and sound, and remorse attacked me, from all the feverish brains in love, at the passing of the artificial human warmth that comes this time of year, and from the broken hearts in exquisite pain, and the lonely souls in mourning. . . This great sense of desperation and fear and longing washed up against me in powerful waves, as the utter, desolate solitude of so many sad and empassioned beings cried out and into the night; "Love me!" they said. "Oh, Love me!" they wept, "please," they whispered. . .
Current Mood: anxious

27th December 2003

11:17am: Dearest "Mr_Nobuddy,"

Your sweet words, though I was belated in coming across them, have brightened the near impenetrable darkness of my days. For this, I am most grateful.. . You are very kind. I only wish I knew who you were. . . Please, feel free to write again.

--Sibyll Trelawney
Current Mood: touched

8th August 2003

9:04pm: Happy Birthday, to me. .
Hello, my dearests, my darlings. . .

I, Sibyll Trelawney, Seer, have deigned to descend into the depths of wizarding-Muggle technology, as have a few of my colleagues. . As I cannot too often wander into the woes and throes of the body of the school, for the sake of the clarity of my inner eye, this may prove a means of keeping somewhat better track (in the physical realm) of my colleagues, perhaps my students. . . I am, of course, well aware of their Fates, but a bit of communication never hurt to verify it. I have, as well, noted some interesting peers taking up the interfaces, and a bit more communication with them could only be welcome!

And, as it was just the very day and hour of my birth, I felt a little treat was in order. I have not kept a journal in far too long. Perhaps this may serve to chronicle predictions, dreams, thoughts. . all such wonderful flights the inner self of the Seer may take. I am most pleased with the opportunity to share!

Of course, it also becomes my duty, when that opportunity is open. So please, my dears, do watch yourselves; there is a particularly nasty cross over Leo, just yet, with Mars on the war path as he is. Those born under Aries, in particular, would do well to take special caution with beasts, or I fear a rash of lost limbs in the future! Take heed, warriors!
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