Sibyll (oneiromantic) wrote,

Happy Birthday, to me. .

Hello, my dearests, my darlings. . .

I, Sibyll Trelawney, Seer, have deigned to descend into the depths of wizarding-Muggle technology, as have a few of my colleagues. . As I cannot too often wander into the woes and throes of the body of the school, for the sake of the clarity of my inner eye, this may prove a means of keeping somewhat better track (in the physical realm) of my colleagues, perhaps my students. . . I am, of course, well aware of their Fates, but a bit of communication never hurt to verify it. I have, as well, noted some interesting peers taking up the interfaces, and a bit more communication with them could only be welcome!

And, as it was just the very day and hour of my birth, I felt a little treat was in order. I have not kept a journal in far too long. Perhaps this may serve to chronicle predictions, dreams, thoughts. . all such wonderful flights the inner self of the Seer may take. I am most pleased with the opportunity to share!

Of course, it also becomes my duty, when that opportunity is open. So please, my dears, do watch yourselves; there is a particularly nasty cross over Leo, just yet, with Mars on the war path as he is. Those born under Aries, in particular, would do well to take special caution with beasts, or I fear a rash of lost limbs in the future! Take heed, warriors!
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